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 I just want to say that I have been extremely fortunate to experience wonderful visitors to this site and my Instagram page from all over the world, including conversational contact via DM. So far: 
The U.S./Hawaii/Alaska, Canada, Qatar, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, India, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, France, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Dominican Republic, The Netherlands, Moroco, Spain, Uganda, South Africa, Cyprus, Nigeria, Panama, Lithuania, Switzerland, Indonesia, Slovenia, Portugal, Panama, Peru, Bulgaria, Fiji, Philippines, and more.

“Thank you for creating AnswerLine.

It’s a wonderful, creative gesture you’re doing.” — Dan Millman, author of The Laws Of Spirit, Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, and Sacred Journey Of The Peaceful Warrior

​“You’ve done a beautiful job presenting a lot of great material…I was also very impressed by the attractiveness of the graphics. The layout is a delight to the eye…Much love and appreciation.” — Alan Cohen, author of Rising In Love, The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, and many more

Please don’t take your IG page down. I would have never found your website if you hadn’t had this IG page. I’ve been studying this stuff for years myself and have never found anything even close to this clear and accurate information. I have learned some of this information scraped together from a few sites here and there but you have, by far, the best most accurate and abundant source. Thank you for all the hours and immense effort you have put forth to make this priceless, life changing, and personally and spiritually freeing information available to the few who know there is more but didn’t know where to find it. 🙏🔥🎉 Thank you from the heart my friend, I can’t thank you enough ❤️❤️

“Thank you. That means more than you could imagine, my journey has been a challenging one but one that awakened me to the system/s enslaving us.

You’re a genius and so wise. Those that are ready will see it all.

I’m reading your book, can’t put it down, it’s all truth.”

"I think you are a Guru or the Albert Einstein or Nikola tesla of this era!!!

And far more than that!"—From India

“I’m interested in becoming a member on this site. I want to learn how to shift my consciousness and I truly support your work. I've already purchased your book “Top Secrets of the Universe…For Grown-Ups” and it is blowing my mind.”

“LOVE IT!! You always keep things real and simple!

Your explanations make the most sense to me.”—E.M. Member

“I'm reading your TRUE GØD RULES Book, Episode 1. I LOVE IT SO FAR!!!”

IG Post: “Yes, I love this! We resonate. Thank you for shining your divine light reflection. This world needs it. Sending you infinite love and light.!”

“I finally get it! Wow. I've been missing a lot. Really, Angel, you really know the real keys to this life.”

“I can't stop reading your book!” [TRUE GØD RULES, Episode 1]

“You're a hero to me. I've told my friends and family about you 😁❤️
How much would it cost to meet you in person?

I've read all your books for adults and they've changed my life. You're my mentor!! 👨‍🎓👨‍🏫  I’ve got my friends interested in you, too. 

I really like you. I'm scared I may be somewhat left-brained but i want to convert to right brain to change my life and be like you.”

“You seem to know a lot. How did you get such information and how can one be the kind of person you are? I'd like to know the TRUTH also.” [South Africa]

”I deleted tea and coffee from my diet and it's been almost three months now…I FEEL DIFFERENT! What other changes can I make?” [India]

“Nice [IG] page. I’d love to learn more.”

“The book is amazing! I love it because it goes beyond any spiritual paradigm,

and I liberated myself from that. Thank you for sharing this knowledge!”

[True God Rules, Episode I]

“I just want to say thank you for your website and [Instagram] page. I feel no words can thank you enough. The more I read from you the more things unfold.

I feel more empowered and free.”

“I find your [IG] posts to be a bridge for me. Thank you for creating this.”

“Love the book 🙏💕💯 Reread it a lot, it’s spot on.”

[Top Secrets of the Universe The Full Version For Grown-Ups]


“How did you uncover all of this? It’s amazing!”

“Saw this video ("Awaken the Mother Mind") and thought of you. I’m up to page 200 of your book, and, WOW! I have no words. 🙏🙏🙏”

“So far the book is great!”


Thank you for [True God Rules Epsiode I]. It was a good read. I was hoping for more advice or strategies on how I can start to implement this into my daily life.

All in all I enjoyed it. [JD: It's coming!]

“You’re awesome and I’m glad I found your IG page. “The more you tell me, the more I realize how evil this system is. Thank you for all your guidance thus far.🙏”


“I love your IG page; it's so informative. I'm waking up.”

“You are heaven sent.”

“Thank you for being a beacon of knowledge.”

“I love your posts. How many books do you have? I want to read them all.”

“You're amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to research

and share this information.”

“You're a great Sifu. Sifu is guru in Chinese. (You're also Sufi.:)”

“Most ppl just tell you what to accomplish, but no "how to". Thanks, FOREVER!”

“I really loved today's post [on IG]. It brought your ideas
to a very real-world scenario.”

“Dang! You got some really interesting info.”

“This is such profound stuff, that it hits…resonates with me immediately, and it's not stuff I know about. I barely know the parts of the brain. 😯😯😯 

Keep doing your work…Wow!

“I really like the content you post on your account, And, as silly as this sounds,

I want to talk about stuff like this, but I don't entirely know what questions

to ask or where to start…”

“I'd like to take this time to get back at you to thank you for the great information you send out and also for the clarity. You help me see things better.”

“The master's class!”

“Very good book. Easy to read. We have the power to manipulate the exterior reality using our minds, since we are both the exterior and interior like a tesseract.

“Great content.”

“i love your posts…So right on point.”

“Yes…I'm close but need a big push. I think you can help.”

“Life is beautiful and there's a lot that I'm starting to understand.

I feel more connected to myself. Thank you, again, wherever you are.”

“I'm surprised the stuff you post is free. Every evening I open my Instagram account and your posts are staring me in the face. There is a reason for everything.

I'm in Uganda, Africa.

“You create posts at a different level! I mean, graphics, music, video quality, content. Do you create all this alone? Or do you have a team?”

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