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THE ULTIMATE PANCAKE: The Lightest and Most Delicious Ever! Updated for 2020 & Vegan


Pancakes are part of the American Soul, but they have to be good!


You can get a decent pancake at your favorite diner (maybe), but for most people, making great pancakes at home is impossible. Such was the sad truth for Caryn Allimay Johnson as a child down south. Having been hit with the eye-opening realization that Auntie's ready-made pancake mix was good for patching truck tires, Caryn Allimay set out to make an easy, great pancake. After two years of trial-and-error pancake-making, she finally arrived at the ultimate pancake—ultra-light, LOW-FAT, and addictively delicious!


For the first time ever, we now present her simplified secret methods with dozens of step-by-step color photographs.


You will discover:

• A unique recipe for the lightest, most delicious taste sensation you’ve ever experienced in a pancake. 

• Over 10 exquisite variations such as VEGAN, Blueberry Coconut, the all-new “Soufflé Pancake”, and even healthier pancakes such as Oatmeal and Buckwheat.

• Variations for tools, ingredients, pans, and griddles.

• The Ultimate Waffle

• And more!


Caution: Addictive! You will never order pancakes in a restaurant again!

The Ultimate Pancake: The Lightest and Most Delicious Ever!


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