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Scientists are running around chasing their tails searching for a indivisible particle of matter that everything is made of. What they should be dealing with is something every “thing” has in common. It’s some “thing” indivisible perfectly ordinary, invisible, and we see it all around us and use it every second, yet we know next to nothing about this nature of nature.


Motion. Everything moves


Many years in the making, The iT From the Bits is an introduction to a revolutionary new way of thinking about everything and how everything—including you—is literally noThing but the same exact thing that computers run on: bits—the simple stop and go of movement. All “things” are inextricably connected through movement…like gravity connects everything in the “visible” universe.


The iT From the Bits explains and proves in very simple ways how and why everything in the 3D world around you is a complete illusion in order for you to gain a deep understanding of how it’s possible to create and control reality and manifest anything and everything you need in life. You don’t control or manifest so-called “physical matter”, you control movement: what happens, the very nature of GØD itself.

The It From The Bits: How Everything (Even You) Is Made From NoThing


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