This book goes far beyond "Choosing a Guru". It contains important information for everyone.



“I have written this book to help seekers from every path in their quest for an authentic spiritual guide. It is not my purpose to list or recommend gurus for you to choose from, but to suggest some guidelines which should be of use in trying to discern a real Master from one who is self-deluded or outright phony…I am speaking not as a guru, but as a fellow seeker, yet the guidelines and examples come for the most part from the teachings and the lives of the greatest Masters who have lived on earth. The counsel in this book consists of hints and clues given by those who have known by experience what the spiritual path and its Goal of Enlightenment are all about.”


“To put yourself in the care of an imperfect master is like letting a madman sit on your chest with a knife in his hands.” (from the chapter on Ersatz Gurus)

73 Pages

HOW TO CHOOSE A GURU: An A–Z Guide To Telling The Real From The False


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